How to Find a Dallas Data Center

If you are living in the Dallas area, and you have decided to expand your business, there are several ways that you can improve your business to accommodate the extra traffic that you will be sending to purchase the products on your site. Assuming that you have had a professional design the site, and it is fully optimized to rank well in the search engines, you can look forward to not only paid traffic from Google and Facebook, but re-traffic from your organic listings. The problem that most companies have when they begin to expand, driving thousands of extra visitors every day, is that they run out of bandwidth to handle all of the traffic that is coming, causing their website to crash. Although choosing a dedicated server might be your first option, one that most businesses use in the world today, a better choice might be to use a local data center that can give you professional flexibility and bandwidth that can handle the type of traffic that you are going to send.

dallas data center

They also provide you with an exceptional amount of storage for images for products that you are selling, something very useful for those that have an online catalog or are a clearinghouse of thousands of different products like Amazon. Here is how you can find Dallas data centers that will be able to give you the type of service that you need at an affordable price in your area.

Understanding What a Data Center Is

A data center is a large facility, sometimes warehouse in size, that is used to house a multitude of different computer systems. All of the components that will be necessary for storage and telecommunications, will be housed in this single building overseen by operations engineers that are able to monitor and control network operations from a central location. One of the benefits to using one of these facilities is that there are many features that are not offered when merely subscribing for a dedicated server for your company. They have security systems installed, fire suppression safety features, and air-conditioning to make sure that the servers stay at constant temperatures. This is possible due to the environmental controls that are installed with the state of the art technology, along with power supplies and redundant data communication services. The largest are typically called industrial scale operations, some of which are so large they use as much energy as a typical rural community.

The Origins Of Data Centers

When the Internet was first introduced to the general public, and computers were finally able to go online, there wasn’t much of a need for this type of sophistication due to the fact online businesses were more of a novelty. Today, huge computer rooms using a multitude of cables leading to what are called racks where servers are stacked on top of each other, borrowing from the first such systems which originated from the literary operations, as the microcomputer industry started to boom in the 80s, it was clear that this type of technology and level of complexity was going to be necessary for the masses. These IT resources are now available for small, medium and large-sized businesses, and are capable of handling millions of visitors every single day. The term data center is actually referencing the computer rooms that contain the servers, and all of the central operation centers that monitor everything 24 hours a day.

Cost Of Data Centers

According to many statistics, data centers tend to run about $600 per month for the minimum packages, which includes what is called a full cabinet. Each cabinet provides 100 Mbps bandwidth, upon which you can build up adding additional cabinets to accommodate the amount of bandwidth that you need, usually in just a few hours time. As mentioned before, the purpose of using one of these is because it is actually much more economical than purchasing dedicated servers, helping companies to save money. Combined with having individually locked cabinets for security purposes, backup power and air-conditioning to maintain proper levels of temperature, not to mention on-site security with card keyed doors, you will never have to worry about theft or downtime when using one of these giants in the IT industry.

Finding An Affordable Dallas Data Center Near You

The data centers that will provide you with the most affordability can only be found by comparing the different companies that are offering these services. Sometimes a new company will start up, and you will be able to take advantage of their introductory prices, locking them in for many months or years to come. It’s good to look at recommendations that other business owners will make, something that is possible if you have many connections in the Dallas area also using excessive amounts of bandwidth to run their business. And of course, testimonials can always be found on the Internet for virtually any type of product or service, of which data centers definitely have information provided publicly from business owners that are both happy and dissatisfied with certain services. By taking the time to research all of this, you can save yourself the hassle of realizing that your money was not well spent.

If at all possible, make sure that you take a tour of the facility just to make sure that everything that they are advertising is what you will be getting for the quoted price. Even if you are not an expert, it will at least allow you to see how this particular data center will be providing you with the services you require, and that the prices that they are charging are well worth what you will be receiving in return for your business.

Hopefully this basic overview of how you can find a data center in the Dallas area to help you increase your bandwidth and storage in the most economical way possible will allow you to grow your business rapidly without worrying about downtime or excessive costs.