How not to copy and paste

PleaseĀ do not copy and paste to the blogging app directly from word/onenote/outlook.

When you copy and paste directly from the office apps you get a lot of “formatting” HTML in your post. This causes issues with the CSS (which I admit is a little weak), aggregators, and bandwidth.

I still have some issues to work out with using SgmlReader for the body:xhtml tag, but for the time being, please watch what you post. The biggest problem has been some of the “HTML” posted makes references to a namespace that does not end up being part of the post. So when I convert your HTML post to XHTML (well, sort of, more like XML) your post ends up not being well formed.

(still feel free to use office as your editor, just drop the post into notepad before posting).

BTW, I have been working on a much better blog editor. Anyone know if it is possible to tellĀ “paste” to just keep the carriage returns and drop all of the other style formatting?